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Exciting Facts About Travel That Make You Want To Travel

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It says “People don’t take trips, trips take people” and when you travel, you find yourself back. Sometimes, taking a vacation from your daily routine, you are more likely to lower your risk of heart disease and unnecessary stuff.

Below are few of the interesting and exciting facts about travel that lets you travel over and over again.

  • Do you know that women who travel or go for vacation often or are likely to reduce 20% risk of death and 30 % of heart disease?

  • Do you know that travel increases the feelings of intimacy for couples – Research shows that Paris and France are the world’s most romantic city.

  • Do you know that Bangkok is the most visited city in the world (reported in the year 2013)

  • Do you know that France is the most visited country in the world? It attracts 82 million international visitors every year.

  • Do you know that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) in Atlanta, Georgia is the busiest airport in the US with 50 million plus flights per year?

  • Do you know that money spend on traveling is a more satisfying feeling than money spent on material things

  • Do you know that an organization provides free travel facilities in exchange for voluntary work and its called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming)?

  • Do you know that Paris has the world’s largest underground graveyard which reportedly has 6 million dead persons buried?

  • Do you know that Greece is visited by 20 000 000 tourists annually

  • Do you know that India has the densest population

  • Do you know that traveling helps you build your relationship habit

  • Do you know that travel can make you more creative and smarter

Seems like you are planning your vacation in near future right? Well, Topiff as a brand new travel network from India helps you enjoy the largest travel services including Hotel stay, ticket booking, eCommerce, Holiday planning and more.

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