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Topiff reward achievers in Tashkent – Uzbekistan

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Topiff rewards are always being surprisingly amazing and cheers up the expectations of achievers. The rewards are well planned and made worth out of the achievement.Topiff rewards team always makes sure that the achiever claims the best of achievement and is satisfied and happy by the reward. The Tashkent reward is one of the greatest program arranged by the travel reward team ( topmytrip ) and the achievers team is enjoying the fullest and the extreme of the beautiful city.The trip so far turns out to be really good and full of new experiences !


Why did topiff choose Tashkent ( Uzbekistan ) ?

Tashkent , from past few years is been collecting great attraction of tourism from asian and european countries. The travel & tourism facilities by the government bodies has opened gates for new traders and tourists to visit Tashkent. Uzbekistan’s gems have long been known to adventurous explorers. The Silk Road cities of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva hold some of the world’s most exquisite Islamic architecture. Hectic bazaars, half-hidden desert citadels, silk workshops and the chance to glimpse the vanishing Aral Sea are all world-class draws, and the country is also a convenient launching pad for treks and travel within Central Asia. The most happening City here is the Capital “ Tashkent” , tash means stone and kent settlement. It is one of the largest cities in Central Asia with a population of 3 million.


Why is Tashkent so famous for ?

Tashkent is all about ancient flavour, the mosques , madrassas , landmarks , buildings , Sculptures , Food and the Environment. Few well known and Must Visit places are


Chorsu Bazaar

the oldest, most famous and biggest market in Tashkent. Here you can buy everything that accompanies a person with his first cry in the world and until his last breath. The bazaar is teeming the life, mixed-language speech is heard, counters are full of a variety of goods – there are national knives Pichak and skullcaps of any cut and color, and the traditional national clothes. The atmosphere of the market itself is saturated with aromas of spices, fresh fruits, vegetables and oriental sweets.


All the Tashkent metro stations have their own inimitable architectural look: marble and granite lining, rows of columns, colorful bas-reliefs, ganch. The lighting plays a critical role in design, which, in one station, creates an atmosphere of festival ball-room, while in another one, makes feel as though you found yourself in mysterious catacombs


Amir Timur

Square It includes the Hotel Uzbekistan, Law Institute (former building of girls’ gymnasium), the Amir Timur Museum, the best-known Tashkent Chiming Clock and one of the most grandiose architectural structures in Tashkent – the Palace of Forums.

Independence Square

is found in the center of Tashkent city. It is a favorite resting place for Tashkent residents. This was greatly facilitated by the fact that it is the place where the city’s most beautiful fountains are located. And more…. This City will thrill you out of your excitement levels and bring out the joy of exploring ancient Ideas and modernization in a single panel.

Topiff in Tashkent

Topiff Reward achiever team has successfully completed the second day of tashkent trip and has been sending great reviews and comments for the trrip. Day 1 was started with pleasing welcome and with a half day panoramic city drive , and view to Independence Square park and Tashkent Broadway. With the beautiful view of the city , the day ended with great dance programs with dinner and local soft and hard drinks. \ Day 2 was yet more amazing and started with great Mountain views of Charvak and Chimgan mountains ( Switzerland of tashkent ) , the area full of amazing views , photo shooting places and much more. The achievers team will be heading towards the Day 3 with Great new places and activities . The 6 Day tour will promisingly be the greatest trip of time. Topiff wishes a great fun and joy to the whole achievers.

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