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Travel Trends That Will Persist in 2019

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Travel is a game that excites as you explore more. Like the year 2016, 17, and 18, 2019 will certainly have the craziest souls, passionate about travelling. 2019 is on way, what’s your travel book says? What’s your next adventure, an upcoming trip and inspired holidays? Let’s see few of the thrilling travel trends that will continue in 2019 as well.
According to report by a travel company, 55% of tourists go on holiday twice a year by planning the trip in advance.  A month or two before trip, 59% of the people browse to get information about upcoming trip.

Getting off the touristed path

Love Peace and Avoiding Crowds. Getting off the touristed path was the most preferred tour plan people were focusing in 2018, this can be continued in coming year too. You can be a traveler rather than tourist by avoiding the touristed path and considering destination more wisely than ever before.

Augmented Attractions or Reality;

Travelling craze is going a level up with the advent of technology – the headsets, apps and 360-degree content, The AR trend excites people to go and feel every moment of the place in real life which would continue travel craze in the year 2019.
Off Peak Travel – Travelling in cooler month can be cheaper, easier and stress less. Off-Peak travel lets you book tickets, hotels and other necessities easily and economically. This will make solo travelling even more exciting as it gives enough piece at more affordable prices.  
Increased Business Travel; Business tycoons or lead persons who travel the borders to attend the summit, business meetings or conference, will continue and in fact risen up.


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