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What do you think the future of Travel looks like?

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The world is changing every single day and people around the world are finding greater interest in traveling the various part of the globe. We have seen the graph of people flying to various places for business, pleasures or both – these are rising and even doubling up every year.

What do you think the future of Travel looks like?

Do you know anything about Virtual reality, augmented reality or artificial intelligence? It will soon disrupt the tourism industry. In fact, you may get introduced to “Check-in by a robot, budget space flights, virtual holidays, flight comparison and more – these are the few glimpses of how travel would perform in 2024.

According to the US Labor Bureau report, since the year 2016, Millennials have been performing as the dominant stratum of the world population. It has been reported that Millennials like to browse self-service portals and chatbots. Since they get busy with their smartphones when they out for chilling, vacation, they love to receive AR/VR experience.

These technologies in tourism industries are already beginning modernizing the travelers. TopMyTrip already stepping up to offers these Millennials the best of future technology they are expecting. We are actually able to integrate all it requires!

As we study the future of travel and the behavior of various travelers in deep, we continue to work on an algorithm that employs millions of data points including individual tribe preference, hours they could travel and their level of expectation for an automated process.

Mobile technology pushed people to look at travel beyond going out for vacation. They are less writing about their experience and capturing more about every moment – this digital transformation has led travel firms to offer more than they expect digitally, virtually and futuristically.

We are proudly announcing “TopMyTrip” with every aspect of futuristic, mobile and virtual technologies. We are all set to go beyond hotel bookings – we look forward to making TopMyTrip an ultimate platform for everyone loves traveling, adventures, and vacations. Eventually, we are launching flight booking, nearest adventure activities, host property listing (prime property) and more in nearest future.

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