Topiff is a brand new travel network from India. Involved in providing large scale travel services like Hotel Stays , Destination and Holiday planning , Ticket booking , e-Commerce and others. The company drives attention of travellers across the world and aims to start its chains in different countries. Topiff assures a great business in India with its high profile influencers, corporate tie-ups and government associations.

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What is Topiff All About

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Travelling is a Global activity that enhances the development of regions and Empowers the economic, traditional and Culture terms of a state or Area.

From a very Long time Travelling has been adopted for many purposes like Trading , Tourism and Transport. The evolving travel factors has completely changed the world. The Adoption Technology to travelling was a milestone and game changer for travel Industry.

Topiff is another group of Travel networks from India aims to provide travel services like , Hotel Stays , Destination planning , Ticket bookings , Adventures activities and all other Travel related services.

Topiff launched the project panel in january 2018 with many top entrepreneurs and travel industry experts. The project ultimately received huge funding requests from national and international investors.


The Topiff CEO Mr Kamal Singh , had a different thought towards the topiff Goal. He came Up with a Fresh new concept that changed topiff into a revolutionary Travel Services Idea, He coined the name for this plan as “ The Alliance Stroke”

What is “ Alliance Stroke” ?

Mr.Kamal Singh made surbeu of one month and found that Indian Travel Industry already has a vast Infrastructure and Setup and Introducing another Same concept will keep the project grow in a single graph

Topiff Started making association with all the domestic travel service providers like , Hotels , Travel Agencies , Adventures activity organisers , Destination Planners and Others . This Closes alliance with the service provider was made as booking the service on annual basis and there after Topiff can use the service anytime of the year. This Ultimately reduced the cost , time and hassle of getting the service .

The Revolutionary Plan

Topiff will now resell this pre-booked service to the package holders for cheaper prices. Topiff has 4 standard packages suitable for users of all the categories and these package that offers 30 Night Stay Vouchers for 30 Weeks , 1 Stay for 1 week each. User can avail these stays anytime in a consolidated manner too.

There is another amazing option for the voucher holder , they can use the voucher to enjoy the night stay or claim the same amount of fund to their topiff wallet and withdraw to bank later. This feature will not let your stay voucher go waste or unused.

Other topiff features.

Some extra amazing features like affiliate system and quick support has also been
Topiff team is Continuously working on improvising the system and taking steps on how to make things more beneficial for the Topiff users.

Topiff is now introducing with Hotel Stays as Initial Service and in the coming days other services like flight , train and ticket booking , Destination planning etc will also be introduced on board.

CEO Talks

“India has a very large travel Industry and this Industry can be made more happening and beneficial to the people receiving employment and service. Topiff is taking an Initiative to make small difference in Indian and Economical and Employment ratio by availing the Indian Local service providers and making the business for and to the India”

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